The Closer

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Steve is an average guy with less than average game.  But when he calls on the services of The Closer, a hired gun that helps close deals for men, he not only gets the girl… he gets the promotion, too.  Envious of Steve’s upgraded status, Jimmy decides he’d like to incorporate The Closer’s skills in his own less than average life.  But when Jimmy finally calls on him to get him out of a tricky  situation, things don’t go exactly as planned.

Starring Ryan Matthew, Kristy Swanson, David Goryl

and David Chokachi as “The Closer”

The Closer on

Steve gets cozy

Just another day at the office

The Closer surveys the scene

The Closer surveys the scene

Written and Directed by Jon Polansky

Produced by Ari Sturm

Director of Photography – M.A. Santiago

Disposing of the evidence

He's got a gun!

Good times at the bar

Good times at the bar

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