Projects in Development

All Fired Up

All Fired Up (Feature) After a Chicago advertising executive finds himself in an insurmountable situation with a boss who doesn’t appreciate him and a new supervisor who doesn’t want to date him, he decides to quit his company.  When he’s alerted to the fact that getting fired would allow him to collect unemployment and a severance while looking for a new job, he embarks on a wild and crazy adventure that backfires when each attempt at getting fired ends up getting him promoted.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Altar (Feature) Two weeks before her wedding day, a devoted and seemingly infallible investment banker has too much to drink at a Halloween party and winds up in the company of an unknown man.  Realizing there’s a whole world she has yet to discover and armed with the only clue documenting the experience, a unique Swedish condom, she embarks on a journey throughout the city of New York in search of a man she has no idea where to find and a feeling she desperately wants to find again.

StarWear (One-hour drama) At the culmination of a crucial meeting with a respected venture capital firm in New York City, a young investment banker is given the challenge of assembling a group of savvy web programmers and business associates in the hopes of securing funding for an Internet company that’s been his dream for years.  Up to the task, he soon realizes the complexities and struggles that he and his team will come to face as they try to break free from the chains of corporate America.

H.O.O.D. (One-hour drama) After getting run over by a wayward vehicle, an unscrupulous divorce attorney is left comatose and thrust into a world between life and death, where his only guide is an intermediary entrusted with the responsibility of making him a better human being before he finally lays to rest.  Reluctant to believe his current state and prohibited from contacting anyone from the real world, he is forced to apply his instincts and knowledge under the guise of an organization named H.O.O.D. (Helping Others Overcome Their Demons).  While doing so, he uncovers the darkness that lies beneath his subjects, as well as the answers to questions about his own mortality.

Darren and Doug aren’t Dating (One-hour drama) A pair of romantically challenged friends, frustrated with the current singles scene, discover their lack of success is predetermined by general stereotypes made by women and the failures of other men.  Eager to make a difference and right the wrongs, they enlist the help of a proven ladies man to start their own dating class with the intention of helping others, like themselves, understand the tools of surviving singledom in one of the most relationship-challenged cities in the world.

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