On the set of The Closer.

On the set of The Closer.

Jon Polansky is a writer and director from Sacramento, California, A graduate of UCLA in 1994, Jon did something no one else in Los Angeles had ever done before. He pursued work in the entertainment industry. Working as a lowly production assistant on several films, including “Mulholland Falls” and “The Birdcage,” Jon was regularly screamed at by insecure assistant directors, but learned such useful tasks as crushing peanuts for a producer’s peanut butter and jelly sandwich and unclogging a trailer’s toilet. In 1996, he worked in the publicity department for the 69th Academy Awards, yet was scarred by the experience when Andrew Lloyd-Webber tapped his foot from the next bathroom stall over at the Shrine Auditorium.

In 1997, Jon utilized his skills in production and script reading, to secure a position at Joanne Horowitz Management, a personal management company with clients such as Kevin Spacey and Michael Chiklis. For seven years, Jon proceeded to read some really awful scripts, yet helped oversee the careers of such actors as Paula Devicq, Peter Facinelli and Rick Schroeder, among others. In 2000, Jon began writing feature and television screenplays as a hobby. Eventually, that hobby turned into an unhealthy obsession.

In 2004, Jon left personal management and started his own production company, No H Productions, with the intent of developing and directing projects he’d written. in 2009, Jon wrote, directed and co-produced his first project, the hilarious short film The Closer, which starred Kristy Swanson and Baywatch’s David Chokachi. The film went on to screen at the HollyShorts Film Festival, the LA Shorts Fest and The New Hampshire Film Festival. From there, Jon went on to direct the cleverly written web series Howard Gets an Interview. That led to several other opportunities, directing both the musical web series YouTube:The Musical, as well as the pilot for the potential series Traffic School – The Musical.

While writing and directing are what Jon loves most, the process of making films fascinates him to no end.

Finalist – Acclaim Film & TV Spring 2005 TV Competition for Scrubs spec “My Big Shoes”

Semi-Finalst – Warner Bros. Comedy Workshop 2006 for Scrubs spec “My Big Shoes”

Semi-Finalist – TalentScout Management Spring 2005 TV Writing Contest for Scrubs spec “My Big Shoes”

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